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October 30, 2018 – I have had the opportunity to do some background work in past weeks on Billions (Showtime) and Sweetbitter (Starz) and it has been surprising. Each time I show up, I have been placed in a position where the camera will hit me (near the leading actor/actress). I guess you could call it a “Featured Background” role, but no matter what you call it, I consider it a compliment.

I have been contacted for other background roles, but my schedule hasn’t permitted me to do the work. As an actor working to establish himself in the trade, this is fun stuff that doesn’t require the preparation and work of a Leading or Supporting role, AND it allows me to be on set continuing to learn from watching others. As I will always say, you should never quit learning.

In conclusion to this short blog post, I have to say that I enjoy doing background work when time permits, and I consider myself lucky to be getting more exposure than I expect from this type of work. And, to anyone out there who has the opportunity to do this – at least once – I would encourage it. It’s an interesting experience if you have the time. I offered my wife (Pep) to do background work on Sweetbitter with me, and she looks at television a little differently now. So, even if you’re not a professional actor, it’s a fun (but time consuming) adventure.

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