Welcome Back, Chad…

August 30, 2018 – It has been roughly eight years since I last performed in any type of entertainment situation. That was just an appearance on the Newlywed Game Show on GSN, and prior to that it was a long while since I engaged in any type of performance that required my artistic nature. I have missed it, but I had chosen a while back to develop a non-entertainment career with better odds of income certainty.

Now, having established myself in a career and gained an adequate financial foundation, I am returning to the entertainment arena as a way of keeping a balanced mind. In my career, my thinking is very logical and business oriented with the occasional opportunities to be creative. This mindset has allowed me to achieve financial goals, but starting this year, I am working to also be emotionally successful also.

I have committed to investing in classes from highly recommended studios and receiving personal coaching from successful people in the business. I am driven to be successful at everything I do and this is no different. But, the bottom line is that I do it for the enjoyment and not for the need.

So, my creative brain cells say to me, “Welcome Back Chad – we’ve missed you.”

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