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12/26/18: Being in the Healthcare industry has allowed me to keep a pulse on the topics that are bubbling to the top of the many people’s minds. One of the hot topics today is mental health. I am not writing this blog entry based on anything but my personal observations and theories. If I am “out in left field” with what I present, then maybe it expands or tests the thinking of the majority. If this were a thesis, and not a blog, then there would be research and reference.

Mental health issues have always been around. The human brain is a complex organ that is susceptible to many risk factors – psychological and physiological. No other organ is directly at risk of being injured by psychosomatic causes. The attention that it receives has been growing as we see more senseless violence and technology amplifying the causes. There has long been a stigma attached to people who seek mental help or are deemed mentally ill.

We are a planet that has made great advancements in our history and we need to continue to grow by addressing mental health issues the same way we address colds and broken bones. It is a part of living life and we all suffer different levels of mental injuries along the way. Relationships, death, bullying and other challenges are common and how a person grows up shapes how they cope with the challenges in life. Of course there are other stimuli (e.g. drugs, injuries, etc), but regardless of the cause, those seeking help should be respected.

I love acting because it opens my mind and emotions in ways that everyday life doesn’t. I believe that it makes a positive contribution to my own mental health. Anytime I can act AND have it motivate or facilitate improvement in others, it is even more satisfying. A recent student film that I did called Dark Minds ( Director, Ciara Racanelli) was motivated by improving mental health awareness. I am hoping to have the opportunity to participate in other projects with similar missions.

If you have such a project, please feel free to reach out (even if for help in funding). If you do not have such a project, please just think about the things I have mentioned and try to help make a difference on your own. If we all work together, we can make a difference.

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